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Breeze: White Ginger & Grapefruit

Inspired by the tangy grapefruit with a splash of spicy & sweet white ginger.

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Calm: Eucalyptus & Wild Jasmine

Inspired by the minty eucalyptus with a rush of wild jasmine.

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Dawn: Lavender & Morning Dew

Inspired by the refreshing morning dew with a powdery note of lavender.

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English Garden: Lily & Freesia

Inspired by the blossoming flower fields with a wispy blend of lily & freesia.

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Home Fragrance

Reid's Diffuser

Where fragrance meets fun! Reid’s reed diffuser is the perfect way to bring a burst of delightful scents into your space.

Place it in your bedroom, study, bathroom, and more living spaces!

Available in 4 scents.

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Home Fragrance

Scented Sachet

Sachet away! Pretty Major’s soothing scented sachet uplifts your senses and rejuvenates any space.

Place the scented sachet in your wardrobe, drawer, suitcase, or wherever you go.

Available in 4 scents.

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Home FragranceWall art hung up above the sofa

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Unsure of how to care for your reed diffusers? Here is a care guide on the do and don'ts to maximising your reed diffuser's longevity.

Home DecorWall art hung up above the sofa

5 Wall Art Display Ideas For Your Home

Looking to showcase your artwork at home but not sure how to? Check out these 5 easy and effortless ways to present your wall art and find the perfect display for you.

Home DecorWall art hung up above the sofa

How To Take Proper Care Of Your Wall Art

Not sure how to care for your wall art? This guide breaks down the steps to taking care of your artwork from start to finish.