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Photo Frame DuoPhoto Frame Duo
Photo Frame Duo Sale priceFrom $20.80 SGD
Cozy Home Gift SetCozy Home Gift Set
Cozy Home Gift Set Sale priceFrom $45.90 SGD
Scented Sachet Gift Setscented sachet diffuser at home
Scented Sachet Gift Set Sale price$36.90 SGD
Scentsational Home Gift SetScentsational Home Gift Set
Scentsational Home Gift Set Sale price$98.90 SGD
Stew-And-Serve 24cm Large Stock Pot | 5.1L | Size MattersStew-And-Serve 24cm Large Stock Pot | 5.1L | Size Matters
All-In-One 26cm Pan | 3.4L | 8-in-1 UseAll-In-One 26cm Pan | 3.4L | 8-in-1 Use
Save $20.00
Essential Cookware Duo | Pot & Pan Set | Bundle & SaveEssential Cookware Duo | Pot & Pan Set | Bundle & Save
Essential Cookware Duo | Pot & Pan Set | Bundle & Save Sale price$129.80 SGD Regular price$149.80 SGD

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pretty major home fragrance scent reed diffuser

Breeze: White Ginger & Grapefruit

Inspired by the tangy grapefruit with a splash of spicy & sweet white ginger.

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Calm: Eucalyptus & Wild Jasmine

Inspired by the minty eucalyptus with a rush of wild jasmine.

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Dawn: Lavender & Morning Dew

Inspired by the refreshing morning dew with a powdery note of lavender.

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English Garden: Lily & Freesia

Inspired by the blossoming flower fields with a wispy blend of lily & freesia.

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What gift should I get for a housewarming party?
While bringing a housewarming gift is not mandatory, doing so when visiting for the first time is often considered a polite and thoughtful gesture. Whether you're visiting friends and family, or welcoming your new neighbours, presenting a housewarming gift can help convey your gratitude for the invitation while expressing congratulations and best wishes for their new space. Consider bringing a gift that adds a personalised touch and contributes to making their space feel more like home. Gifts such as home fragrances are a great way to set the right ambience of a new home while hand-painted wall art and photo frames are sure to be appreciated if you are familiar with the kind of home decor that your host prefers. For those who enjoy cooking, consider getting nonstick cookware to make for a practical and appreciated gift. At Pretty Major, we have curated a range of housewarming gift sets to suit various needs, all aimed at creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for any home.

How much should I spend on a housewarming gift?
There is no fixed rule for the appropriate amount to spend on a housewarming gift. Depending on your budget and relationship with the homeowner, you might opt for a more modest or extravagant gift. Rather than choosing to focus on the giftโ€™s monetary value, prioritise selecting a present that mirrors your thoughtfulness and well wishes for the recipients as they settle into their new abode. Find options tailored to every budget with Pretty Majorโ€™s diverse assortment of gift sets, spanning various price points, helping you to find a thoughtful and fitting present for any occasion.

What gift to get for someone who has just bought a house?
When selecting a gift for new homeowners, consider items that enhance their comfort and enjoyment in their new living space. Practical gifts such as kitchen gadgets, scented products or organisational tools can be especially helpful as they settle into their environment. Alternatively, decorative accents that are customisable to the recipientโ€™s taste, such as artwork or frames, provide a unique touch, helping to make a space feel more personalised and inviting. Ultimately, the perfect gift should be tailored to the recipientโ€™s preferences and lifestyle to be a truly meaningful gesture. Choose from our range of gift sets, catering to diverse personalities, needs, and lifestyles, each crafted to foster a beloved home that will be cherished.

What is considered a practical housewarming gift?
A practical housewarming gift offers functionality while helping the new homeowner settle comfortably into their new home. These gifts typically consist of items that cater to their needs or enhance their daily routines as they adapt to a new environment. Consider items such as reed diffusers and scented sachets, like our Scentsational Home Gift Set, to create a welcoming ambience, masking any lingering odours from moving or renovating. Similarly, a brand new cookware set can be ideal, such as our New Home Essentials Gift Set, providing the recipient with the essential tools they need to prepare meals in their new kitchen.

What gift etiquette should I take note of when giving someone a gift?
Remember to present your gift with care and attention to detail. Ensure that the present is beautifully wrapped, either in a gift bag with gift paper or adorned with a ribbon. Include a card or gift tag to add a personalised touch and if appropriate, provide a gift receipt for the recipientโ€™s convenience.

At Pretty Major, rest assured that your gift presentation is well taken care of. All our gift sets come elegantly packaged in a canvas bag or gift box, complete with a customisable gift card where you can express your heartfelt message, ensuring a memorable and personalised touch to your gift-giving experience.