5 Wall Art Display Ideas For Your Home

Written by: Pretty Major



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A girl putting up a piece of wall art on a blank wall

Selecting the perfect piece of artwork is challenging, but determining the optimal way to display it can be equally daunting. Here we break down an array of thoughtful techniques and expert tips to guide you in discovering the best approach to showcasing your artwork.

1. Hang A Single Wall Art As A Focal Point

Oftentimes not, when acquiring a large painting or canvas, these works can shine on their own as the room's centrepiece. Pretty Major offers a diverse collection of painting pieces with different unique options. Choose an artwork that seamlessly aligns with your style and elevate the room's ambience by hanging it in a prominent position.

How High Should I Hang My Wall Art?

Avoid the common mistake of hanging your wall art pieces too high and having to crane your neck to actually see them. To not diminish the impact of your wall art pieces, position them at the right height to ensure your artwork doesn’t lose its impact but rather enhances your space.

A textured art piece hung up in the entryway

The Wrong Height

Many people go by the conventional rule of thumb to display their pieces at β€œeye level”. This rule might not apply universally especially for taller individuals or when placing art above furniture such as a couch or dresser.

The Right Height

A general guideline to get your picture frames and art hung at the correct height on your walls is to follow the 57-inch rule. The 57-inch rule is a guideline for hanging art and wall decor by placing the centre of your picture about 57β€³ off the ground. Similarly, for hanging a gallery wall, think of the entire collection as one piece of art. Figure out the centre of the artwork collection and have them be about 57” off the floor.

 A piece of art hung above a dresser

2. Frame Your Wall Art Up

If you would like your wall art to stand out more, consider purchasing a frame that complements both the artwork and your living space. Pretty Major offers the option to frame your artwork to protect and highlight your pieces.

Art displayed above the bed

3. Create A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can be the perfect way to infuse personality and vibrancy into your home! If you prefer a more uniform look, opt for pieces that are of similar aesthetic and display them in a symmetrical arrangement.

Should you prefer to add a playful touch to your living spaces, use a gallery wall as an opportunity to mix and match pieces from various artists, sizes and mediums. Feel free to experiment with frames as well, whether matching them for uniformity or having different ones for a fun vibe.

4. Lean Your Wall Art

Leaning your wall art could be the perfect subtle way to display your work with a casual and relaxed feel to it. Achieve this with bookshelves, propping your artwork on the table or installing floating shelves to display your artwork along with other prized possessions.

An artwork resting against the wall atop a dresser

5. Display The Artwork In Pairs

Create a balanced and visually pleasing gallery wall by displaying pairs of artwork that complements each other. Whether presenting two favourites from a single artist or combining works from different artists with shared characteristics, this arrangement creates a harmonious look.

A girl hanging up a matching pair of artworks on the wall

Displaying your artwork at home is an opportunity to enhance your space with creativity and personal flair. These 5 simple methods offer diverse ways to exhibit your pieces, whether it's highlighting a single focal point, crafting dynamic gallery walls, or experimenting with unconventional arrangements, you can find the perfect way to display your wall art. Remember to consider factors like height, framing, and arrangement to ensure your artwork shines and elevates the ambiance of your home. Ultimately, trust your instincts and let your imagination lead the way in showcasing your beloved artworks.

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