Reed Diffuser Bundle (4 x 200ML Reed Diffusers)

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The perfect gift for every housewarming party! Congratulate your friends and family on their new home with Pretty Major Reid's Reed Diffuser Bundle.

With the careful selection of captivating aromas, Reid's Diffuser will turn any room into a haven of good vibes and great smells. Sit back, relax, and let Reid's Diffuser do the magic – because life is better when it smells amazing!

What's in the bundle?

4 X 200ML Reed Diffusers:

1. Breeze: White Ginger & Grapefruit - Inspired by the tangy grapefruit with a splash of spicy & sweet white ginger.

2. Calm: Eucalyptus & Wild Jasmine - Inspired by the minty eucalyptus with a rush of wild jasmine.

3. Dawn: Lavender & Morning Dew - Inspired by the refreshing morning dew with a powdery note of lavender.

4. English Garden: Lily & Freesia - Inspired by the blossoming flower fields with a wispy blend of lily & freesia.

What's in each reed diffuser box? Includes 7 reed sticks & a 200ml bottle of diffuser.